Endless Pink Mermaid Soap ~~ Savon de sirène “Endless Pink”


This soap is created with a tropical vibe and scented with Berry Type Fragrance Oil. Fragrance Oil is Paraben & Phthalate Free.

The Handmade Artisan Collection has been crafted with oils & premium fragrances that have been carefully chosen for their skin-friendly properties. They have been balanced so that when turned into soap they get the job done with great lather and bubbles, but no harshness. To further elevate our soaps we enrich each bar with verified by Ecocert Vitamin E. These soaps are then finished with an array of colors designed to look amazing and feel great to use.

Featured Ingredients: Non-GMO & Sustainable Palm, Vitamin E, Berry Fragrance Oil, Megenta Gel Colourant

Ingrédients en vedette: Palmier sans OGM et durable, vitamine E, huile fragrance de baies, couleur magenta

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