BYOTA Fashion

BYOTA Fashion will represent the roots of every country in the modern world. BYOTA clothing is about experiencing and discovering new styles from different cultures designed by fashion experts from all around the world

  • We believe in acquiring and providing experiences and discoveries for an expanded vision.
  • We believe people with passion can impact lifestyles.
  • We believe in being adaptable and changeable in order to evolve.
  • We believe in simplicity.
  • We believe, based on our mission and purpose, we can expand into the right markets.
  • We believe, through diversity and uniqueness, we form an incredible collaborative team, with great respect and trust amongst each other.

BYOTA T-Shirt apparel are entirely Made in Canada. That means that the imported thread (no cotton growers in Canada yet) is knitted, dyed, cut and sewn, and then printed or embroidered in Canada. The imported organic cotton and recycled polyester threads are knitted at Canadian knitting mills thus supporting jobs in the textile industry in Canada The 50/50 blend is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, providing the best of both worlds, the softness of cotton and the durability of polyester. Once knitted BYOTA T-Shirt fabric is dyed in a Canadian dyehouse. The BYOTA T-Shirt collection is made of organic cotton certified under the GOTS standard, encompassing growth, harvest, transformation, use of chemicals and labour conditions in cotton production. Thanks to our talented team of graphic designers BYOTA INC.can offer creations that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.These original designs are enhanced by a combination of advanced identification techniques,including screen printing and appliqués. Thus, we are able to offer local products that combine quality, comfort and style,ensuring that every BYOTA garment is worn with pride!